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Adult Students

Discover Your
Vocational Calling

Motivational Speaker

Career Advocates 

Vocational guides who share with youth their business and trade skills. 

Young Performer

These individuals also serve as youth career advocates, generating opportunities to obtain equitable, and skillful marketplace positions.

Inquire today to begin your journey in discovering your vocational calling

Vocational Excellence Training (Roots Of Success) 

The key to vocational preparation is knowing the waves and trends of the job market. Environmental careers are deemed essential for the future. Roots of Success is a job training program that prepares youth and young adults from communities with high rates of poverty and unemployment for environmental careers. This program helps students to become activists and leaders who can improve environmental and social conditions in their communities and in society abroad. 

Cooking with Class
(Culinary Course)

Culinary skills are foundational to a holistic and healthy life. This program provides a nutritional foundation for the students to learn creative and healthy methods of cooking while gaining exposure to a variety of specialty cuisine. Students will also use fresh farm to fork ingredients to learn the value of nutrition in sustainable whole foods. 

Financial Literacy
(Stack Class)

Financial literacy is a key component to vocational success. In this portion of the program, students learn various aspects of finances from investing, entrepreneurship, and social enterprise. Upon successfully completing the course each student is matched with a personal financial planner and a primary savings account.

Live Interviews with Vocational Entrepreneurs

Through the L.I.V.E. program, individuals will receive one on one coaching sessions with professionals in their specific area of interest. 

Boundaries &
Balance Course

The key to flourishing in both personal and work life is the proper stewardship of relationships. This program gives individuals tools for fostering and flourishing relationships while maintaining the healthy balance of self-care, family, and work environments.

Emotional Health / Emotional Intelligence
(EFit Course) 

Our emotional health has a long standing effect on our physical health and general wellbeing. This program provides practical tools to practice healthy thinking and emotional stewardship while navigating difficulties in life.

Parenting Like A Boss

This program will provide students with the pertinent skills, tools, and strategies backed by research, to overcome challenges and strengthen parent-child interaction. Students will be exposed to innovative and interactive lessons to enable them to build healthy and productive families.  

Lot Maintenance Community Sustainability Program
(Green The Block)  

Urban green spacing can promote better mental and physical health. This program cleans, greens, and stabilizes vacant lots to help return them to productive use. The “Green the Block” program targets vacant parcels in neighborhoods without open or green spaces. Students learn and earn simultaneously the importance of green spacing while adding value to local neighborhoods through beautification. 

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